HCRMA- Transportation Plans

HCRMA- Transportation Plans

In 2001, the 77th Texas Legislature authorized the creation of regional mobility authorities (RMAs) through Senate Bill 342 for constructing, operating and maintaining transportation projects in the State of Texas. In 2003, the 78th Legislature enacted House Bill 3588, which made major revisions to State laws governing the funding and development of transportation projects. A major section of that legislation created Chapter 370 of the Texas Transportation Code (Chapter 370) governing the formation and operation of RMAs. The Texas Legislature significantly expanded the powers of RMAs to develop and finance a variety of multi-modal transportation projects. RMAs are political subdivisions of the State of Texas created by one or more counties or by certain cities in the State of Texas to finance, acquire, design, construct, operate, maintain, expand, or extend toll or non-toll transportation projects. Permitted projects include roadways, passenger or freight rail, ferries, airports, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, intermodal hubs, border crossing inspection stations, air quality improvement initiatives, parking structures and related facilities, automated conveyor belts for the movement of freight, projects listed in the State Implementation Plan, the Unified Transportation Program, or applicable metropolitan planning organization long-range plan, and improvements in certain transportation reinvestment zones.

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